Welcome! It's a word we use to invite those who have come near enough to come a little closer. You've come this close, so come on in! Grace Family Fellowship is a diverse and unique group of people that the Lord has called to be an extension of His grace. As the apostle Paul spoke, "I am what I am by the grace of God!" Paul acknowledged that his total identity was founded in the grace of God. Grace Family Fellowship's identity is founded by God's grace alone. We are the result of two small churches merging. In a day of church splits and divisions, His grace has brought healing, hope and a love for one another that has made us a family. So, by His grace we welcome you to come on in, experience the joy of His grace!

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Last Updated (Tuesday, 16 September 2014 14:57)

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Latest Message: 3 weeks, 4 days ago
  • Kevin Clift : 46 seats left for the upcoming Oldies Show. There are still a few sections with 4+ seats together, but if you want to come as a group, you need to order soon.
  • Kevin Clift : Tickets are going fast for the Oldies Show on 10/18. There are 90 seats left as of this morning.
  • Kevin Clift : 2 seats remaining for the July 12th opry show. There will be seats available for purchase at the door if you are still wanting to come.
  • Kevin Clift : Monday 6/9/2014 and there are only 34 seats remaining for the Willis Opry.
  • Kevin Clift : Over half of the available Willis Opry seats have been reserved. If you are thinking about coming, now's a good time to pick up your tickets.
  • Kevin Clift : I know there have been some questions regarding availability of the next Opry Show tickets. If all goes well, they will be available on Monday.
  • Kevin Clift : Oldies night tickets are going fast. If you haven't picked yours up yet, click on the link and pick you seat.
  • amanda : *questions
  • amanda : do you kno if anyone is here to help with people who have wuestions about a study over salvation in the bible?
  • Kevin Clift : volunteers are still needed for the fall festival.
  • Kevin Clift : Also, I've added a webmail link to the main menu, for those who have a GFF email address.
  • Kevin Clift : The deacon emails are set up. I'll get with everyone to make sure you know how to access them.
  • Glenn Hood : Check out the forum great discussions
  • Kevin Clift : The forum is now open. You can access it in the menu the top of the page.
  • Kevin Clift : There, it's fixed now, Hunter. Happy =)

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